Description: Kevin’s fascination with construction began at a young age. He followed that dream as a young adult when he graduated with a degree in Building Construction. Kevin’s career started out in the field where the hard work gets done and he spent the next 20 years perfecting his skills in project management and executive operations. Kevin’s extensive background ranges from preconstruction to logistics to workforce utilization. His quick-thinking, ethical compass and exemplary ability to lead provide endless value to Cadence.

Name: Kevin Walsh

Role: Chief Executive Officer

Favorite Core Value: People First – We have many statistics to drive operational performance, but my proudest is achieving 7,673,304 safe work hours without a lost time incident on a highly complex power plant project.
Why Construction: I grew up building go-carts, tree-houses, and I built my own room in the basement. You can say, I caught the construction bug early. My neighbors started hiring me to build room additions, decks, and refinish their basements. I pursued my passion for building, creating and innovating, getting my degree in Building Construction from Virginia Tech. I know construction is what I love as emphasized by the fact that I even like reading about it, such as John Barry’s A Rising Tide and David McCullough’s-A Path Between Two Seas. In construction, we get to continue to be part of the infrastructure of the world.
Favorite Project: I have many favorite projects and at times it feels like the ones in the rear view mirror get better with age. My favorite project at Cadence is building a technology platform that will connect contractors and fabrication facilities which really hits to our core purpose to perfect what is built while protecting what is natural. Field installation of pipe valves and fittings results in nearly 25% more waste than with pre-fabrication. We are going to change the construction industry through this technology.
Something Personal: When I find spare time I am building from scratch a 1940s wooden boat in my garage.

Description: While Seth went to college with the intent of becoming a commercial or investment banker, his mind quickly changed when given the opportunity to join Raytheon Company’s financial leadership program. It was during that time while he was assigned to the engineering and construction business, where he developed a connection to the work. Over the subsequent 25+ years, his passion for finance and construction has resulted in helping companies learn how to invest in the business, whether it be in people and leadership or specific business decisions. Seth has been particularly critical in the strategic path forward for Cadence as we utilize his large company experience and critical business thinking.

Name: Seth Rudolph

Role: Chief Financial Officer

Favorite Core Value: Innovation at our Core – At the heart of our company culture is providing solutions for our customers. In some cases, the solutions already exist and we work to perfect the process. In other cases, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, our team developed new products and solutions.
Why Construction: Construction is an amazing industry where every project has unique challenges. The construction industry combines the ingenuity of engineering and the craftsmanship of the constructors to create a physical contribution to society that the team can be proud of.
Favorite Project: Savannah River Site DOE Aiken, SC – This is my favorite project because the project included working with multiple partners on an integrated basis, and it was a true team. It is also my favorite project because I was able to grow personally due to finding a tremendous mentor, which lasted after that assignment.

Something Personal: Grew up in New England and played ice hockey, baseball, soccer, and golf. Big fan of all Boston sports teams.

Description: A graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Architectural Engineering, Mike has spent over 25 years in the engineering and construction industry. He has been part of large national MEP Design Build organizations leading corporate growth in market share while also developing people. Experienced in both organic and acquisitive growth and having managed through economic booms and downturns, his career experiences have positioned him well to collaborate with the rest of the Cadence leadership team to focus on operational excellence and to drive towards positive project outcomes for all stakeholders.

Name: Mike Miller

Role: Chief Operating Officer

Favorite Core Value: Do the Right Thing – In an industry that sometimes has a reputation for missing this mark, being a part of an organization that places such a high esteem on both personal and professional integrity at all levels is refreshing and provides clear direction to our team, daily.
Why Construction: I am a tinkered at heart, and have always loved engineering a better solution for tomorrow than what may exist today. Construction has allowed me to experience a sense of accomplishment in taking a green field and turning it into a permanent structure. No two projects are the same and each has its own story which is fun to tell others.
Favorite Project: Pentagon Renovation and 9-1-1 Phoenix Rebuild – Not necessarily for the construction itself, but more for the iconic nature of the building, time in our country’s history, and the sense of teamwork that was created to accomplish rebuilding a damaged structure. The project was a great example of what we can accomplish when our goals are aligned well beyond self or company profits, and it has been a model of teamwork and influenced my own personal goal setting throughout my career.

Something Personal: My wife and I have 3 active and athletic daughters who consume most of our free time. As a family, we love skiing and taking a summer vacation to our lake cottage in Canada. I grew up in northeast Ohio and have been a tortured Cleveland sports fan from birth.

Description: Before discovering Construction, Charissa worked in the commercial insurance realm. Many of her customers were construction or energy companies and she was enamored by the people in that world and what they were able to accomplish. She now brings her experience managing contracts and the operations side of the business to Cadence. With a strong background in supply chain and business operations, Charissa’s critical thinking skills are a crucial asset to making the best decisions for the company. She will continue to lead Cadence in the right direction with her forward-thinking and analytical mindset.

Name: Charissa Porter

Role: Vice President, Operations & Administration

Favorite Core Value: Transparency without hesitation. Communication is vital to the success of any organization. To truly embrace “transparency without hesitation” is to think of the others involved in every decision and to make ourselves available and reachable. We must never forget the people behind the process.
Why Construction: There is no industry that is more down-to-earth than construction. I love the individuals in this industry and the passion for what we do.
Favorite Project: U.S. Embassy Compound, Harare, Zimbabwe. Building overseas has a unique set of challenges and rewards. This project introduced me to some wonderful people on and off our team and we were able to make a lasting difference in the local community.
Something Personal: I love gardening…and anything outdoors. I’ve also enjoyed diving, both from the sky and in the sea.

Description: Michael brings a unique set of skills to the company as a 21-year Marine Corps veteran. Not only does he hold an impressive resume’ of Safety Certifications, but he lives the message. Michael’s leadership has kept our employees safe both on and off the jobsite and his willingness to train others to look out for each other makes him a true asset to Cadence. Michael’s unique skillset and demeanor truly reflect the values of Cadence and his contributions to the team are vital to our success.

Name: Michael Stumpf

Role: Safety Director

Favorite Core Value: Do the Right Thing. I feel this is the foundation of all the other values. Doing the right thing includes putting our employees, customers, and end users first. Keeping our employees safe everyday and ensuring that our customers have confidence in us to always do the right thing is critical to our success.
Why Construction: I chose construction because it presents one of the biggest challenges for safety. Every day our employees are working in one of the most demanding industries and doing it well. I wanted to be a part of ensuring they go home to their families safely every day.
Favorite Project: Duke Energy Coal Ash Ponds. Duke Energy sets a high bar for safety and challenged me to not only do what was needed but to look at what we can do beyond. Although I always feel that I have been postured in a very good safety environment, I learned different measures and techniques to overcome challenging work sites while keeping with Duke Energy’s high safety expectations.
Something Personal: Serving our country for 21 years in the Marine Corps and now in the safety industry, I have always had a strong drive to serve. I am blessed to do a job I truly enjoy! Safety is not just a job for me, but a lifestyle.